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If you’re planning a trip to India, getting a regular paper visa in India is a must.

While electronic visas are becoming popular, we offer an easy way to obtain a physical visa for India.

Whether in the USA or elsewhere, LetMeHelpYou is here to make the Indian regular visa application process easy for you, ensuring a smooth journey to India.

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Getting a regular paper visa for India can be confusing, but LetMeHelpYou makes it simple. We help you with the Indian paper visa application process, especially for regular paper tourist visas for India.

We understand that filling out the Indian paper visa application can be tricky. That’s why we made our website easy to use. With our help, you can finish your Indian regular visa application without stress.

Different Types of Paper Visas for India

India provides various paper visas for different purposes:

Tourist Visa:

This is for sightseeing and visiting friends or relatives and allows a stay of up to 90 consecutive days.

Business Visa:

It’s for genuine business purposes and requires letters from your local employer and the Indian company you’ll visit.

Employment Visa:

Highly skilled professionals working for registered Indian companies get this visa, along with proof of the employment contract and the organization’s registration.

Student and Research Visa:

This is for full-time academic studies in India, with no work allowed.

Documents needed for Online Application

Here’s what you need for your Indian paper visa application, whether you’re applying online or in person:

For Online Application:

  1. Digital Photo:

    You’ll need a recent color photo. It must meet specific size rules, be in JPEG format, and show your full face with a plain background. The file size should be between 10 kb and 300 kb.

  2. Scanned Passport Copy:

    You’ll need a clear, high-quality passport scan. Ensure your passport is valid for at least six more months and has two empty pages.

Processing Time:

It typically takes at least 3 working days to process your application, but this can vary depending on your nationality.

For In-Person Application

Here’s what you’ll need if you’re applying in person:

  1. Filled and Signed Online Visa Application Form:

    You must complete it online, print it, and sign it.

  2. Original Passport and a Copy:

    Bring your passport and a photocopy of its biographical pages.

  3. Copy of Address Proof:

    You’ll need a copy of an address proof, like a driver’s license or a utility bill.

  4. Birth Certificate for Children

    (if applicable)

  5. Marriage Certificate for Parents:

    (for minors).

The processing time for an India Tourist evisa typically ranges from 2 to 5 days, although there may be occasional delays. However, using our service can ease the application process.

Indian Regular Visa Fee:

The cost of your visa depends on what kind you need and how long you want it for. You have to pay this fee when you turn in your application and remember. You won’t get a refund even if you get a shorter visa than you requested.

Why Choose LetMeHelpYou for Your Regular Paper Visa:

Our website makes it super easy. We show you what to do step by step when applying for an paper visa. Our visa experts are here if you have any questions or need help. They know what they’re doing.

Your personal information is safe with us. We keep it secure and confidential. We get it – you want your regular paper tourist visa for India fast. We work to make that happen. We make it easy for you to pay. We offer different ways to do it so you can choose what works best for you.

So, when getting your regular paper visa, LetMeHelpYou has you covered with an easy process, expert help, security, speed, and payment convenience.

Important Notes:

  • Depending on your situation, processing might take up to 5 business days, so plan accordingly.
  • Incomplete applications won’t be accepted, so ensure you have all the required documents.

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LetMeHelpYou is your best choice for an easy and reliable way to get a regular paper visa for India. Our team knows what they’re doing, and we’re here to ensure your trip to India is smooth and memorable. Don’t wait – apply for your paper visa with us today!

Feel free to reach out anytime you need assistance or have inquiries about the Indian regular visa application process.

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