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Renewing Indian Passport in the USA

Do you have an Indian passport and live and work in the United States? However, if your passport is about to expire, don’t worry. Passport renewals don’t happen frequently because passports last a long time. You can renew it with our help without going back to India.

This situation is common for many Indian passport holders worldwide. You get a new passport book to extend its expiration date when you renew your passport.

Indian Passport Renew Application in USA with VFS Global

LetMeHelpYou is here to assist you with VFS Global in your Indian Passport Renewal Application for the USA. They specialize in passport services for the Embassy of India in Washington, DC, and Indian consulates across the USA.

Here’s an easy guide for renewing your passport:

Complete Passport Application:

Complete your passport renewal application with all the necessary information.

Create a VFS Global Account:

Make an account on the VFS Global platform and pay the shipping fee as required.

Collect Your Documents:

Gather all the documents needed for your passport renewal. This typically includes your old passport, proof of your current address, recent passport-sized photos, and visa details.

CDocument Verification :

LetMeHelpYou will carefully check your documents to ensure they meet the necessary requirements.

Document Submission:

We will submit your verified documents to the Indian embassy for processing.


Your new passport will be sent to your specified address once the formalities are complete.

With LetMeHelpYou, renewing your Indian passport in the USA is easy.

Processing Time for Indian Passport Renewal:

Typically, it takes three weeks to renew an Indian passport in the USA. However, if you’re renewing your Indian passport, it might take up to 30 days or even longer if there are issues with the Police Verification Report (PVR).

The processing time in such cases depends on the availability of accurate PVR information from Indian authorities. It is essential to provide precise address details, including the police station, district, and PIN code in India.

A Note About Name Changes:

You can add your spouse’s name to your passport if you have recently married. You’ll need the original marriage certificate and a photocopy to do this. Remember to sign the photocopy yourself.

Suppose you need to update any information about your spouse from what you had before. In that case, you’ll also need the original marriage certificate as proof and a photocopy you’ve signed. These are the basic documents you’ll need for this process, and LetMeHelpYou is here to help you through it!

Contact us for further assistance:

LetMeHelpYou is here to make sure your Indian passport renewal process in the USA is smooth and hassle-free. Contact us for further assistance or inquiries regarding Indian passport renewal in the USA. Our dedicated customer service agents are available 24/7 to provide you with the support you need. Trust LetMeHelpYou for a stress-free renewal of your Indian passport in the USA.

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